Amy and Jeff ›

Amy and Jeff

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING! Your amazing work was the talk of the day! I am so appreciative for everything! I will definitely refer you to anyone and everyone I know! Thank you again!!! Honestly, I am so beyond happy with your work!


Ashley and Paul ›

Ashley and Paul

As someone who is passionate about photography, I wanted to find someone who encompassed this same passion while we searched for a wedding photographer. When we came across David Turner Photography, I knew we had found “it”. We chose a photographer who had an eye for capturing the small, intimate moments, all the while focusing on the surroundings of exquisite architecture. All around, the images from this David were breath taking. Throughout the entire wedding process from engagement photos, to the wedding, and well after, David shines professionalism and exudes an ability to make you comfortable, just like an old friend. It has been a joy to have David photograph our wedding and hopefully, some day, our future family. A big thank you to David for capturing one of the most important days of our lives. Here’s to you and many more years of beautiful pictures.


CY and Dan ›

CY and Dan

David Turner was our photographer for our destination wedding in Chicago this past June at The Peninsula Hotel. The Peninsula gave me rave reviews on David, and after having visited his portfolio on-line, I immediately fell in love with his work. He was always available for us and so easy to work with. I would send an email and I would get the speediest responses from him! On the day of the wedding, he was never intrusive and always graceful. After seeing our photos, I was so surprised that he had captured moments that I had no idea he was there for. We are still getting rave reviews on our wedding photos. Thank you David!!!


Jess and Eric ›

Jess and Eric

David was a pleasure to work with. Before our big day, he went to the wedding venues to scope out the scene. On the actual day, David was prompt and extremely professional. He took some beautiful candid shots that really captured the love and fun of the day. And, he happily complied with family requests to take a million dead-pan shots. After the wedding, David was quick in editing the pictures and setting up an ordering process for us, our family, and friends. When we finally got around to making an album, David was just as supportive and helpful as ever. We're so glad that we made David a part of our wedding day. The pictures are beautiful and we'll cherish them forever!


Lee and Matt ›

Lee and Matt

We are coming up on our five year wedding anniversary and still, every time I look at the photos David took of our wedding I am astounded how he captured so many candid moments. Looking through our photos you not only see the progression of the days events but you see and feel every emotion on each friend and family members' face. Thank you David for memories for a lifetime.


Rachel and Jon ›

Rachel and Jon

It is hard to know what to say about David, besides that we love our wedding photos so much. I don’t know how he managed to capture everything he did. Every important “weddingy” moment is there, but he also did an amazing job of understanding who was important to us and getting beautiful candid shots that we could never have planned, but absolutely love. David is honestly just a great guy who loves what he does and happens to be incredibly good at it. You can tell when you talk to him that getting the perfect photos of the day is as important to him as it is to you. Honestly, we could not recommend him more. He's incredibly talented and just great to work with.